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10 Best Universities For Psychology UK

Best Universities For Psychology

Best universities for psychology UK could be ranked based on several factors such as intensity of research and graduate prospect, teaching methodologies, entry standard, student satisfaction and research quality. Having good education always comes at a very high price and such is applicable to psychology. If you are considering studying the ...

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7 Best psychiatric nurse practitioner programs

psychiatric nurse practitioner programs

Psychiatric mental health nursing is a specialty held by nurses where they work with individuals, families, communities and groups. Best psychiatric nurse practitioner programs are rated based on the length of the program, program curriculum and length or duration of completion. Being a nurse is one of the most fulfilling ...

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12 Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms

Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms

Personality disorders are behavioral deviations from acceptable norms. Personality disorders related behaviors are not be taken as willful expression of behavioral deficits but as a mental illness which needs a medical redress. In this article you will learn the following: 1. What is narcissistic personality disorder? 2. Sign and symptoms ...

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15 Obsessive compulsive personality disorder symptoms

Obsessive compulsive personality disorder symptoms

Obsessive compulsive personality disorder also known as OCPD is a personality disorder characterized by extreme sense of perfectionism and order. People with OCPD maintain a heightened sense of neatness and general pattern of excessive attention to details. People who have obsessive compulsive personality disorder symptoms are also referred to as ...

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What causes schizophrenia? 5 Main Causes of schizophrenia revealed

What causes schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by distorted view of true realities. It has been categorized alongside with other mental disorders such as bipolar disorders due to similarities in their symptoms and how they affect their sufferers. From statistics, schizophrenia affects 1 in 100 people with no clear cut distinction ...

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17 Main Dependent Personality Disorder Symptoms

Dependent Personality Disorder Symptoms

Dependent personality disorder is a mental disorder characterized by extreme sense of fear of being left alone. People with dependent personality disorder tends to have a sense of insecurity which makes them to get into wrong relationships as they cannot live their life without attachment to others who they suppose ...

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10 Major Avoidant personality disorder symptoms

Avoidant personality disorder symptoms

Mental health disorder is characterized by several expressions of abnormal or behavioral deviations from what is expected from an individual on a cultural or traditional basis. Avoidant personality disorder (APD) is one of such mental disorders and as such may have symptoms that mimic other personality disorders such as social ...

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4 Major Causes of Personality Disorders

Causes of Personality Disorders

Professionals in the health and psychology sectors have been conducting researches to determine the causes of personality disorder. These researches suggest that abuse, genetics and other factors are key contributors of narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive or other personality disorders. Some people believed that personality disorders were evil or lazy. This has changed ...

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3 Personality Disorder Clusters by DSM IV

Personality Disorder Clusters

The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders is tasked with the standardization of medical classifications. It is in exercise of this duty that they classify personality disorders into 10 groups. Each of these groups usually involves an aspect of an individual being unable to control and regulate their feelings. ...

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