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The Different Personality types

Whether you are greatly intrigued by the idea of personality types or find them to be nonsense, it is always good to know the different types of personality. There is no extent as to which personality can ne liked to genetics or heredity factors. It is more related to the effects of culture, up-bringing, experience and environment. However, studies have shown that personality cannot be built on either nature or nurture but a combination of both.

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The Four Classifications Of Personality

In the past, it was thought that people’s personality could be classified into four distinct types. These types of personality included sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic. This classification was linked to some dominant fluids in the body such as black bile, yellow bile, blood or phlegm. However, these ancient types of personality can be said to be easy to understand and interpret.

Today, there are modern versions that seek to determine the different personality types. These versions try to make it clear where ancient methods failed to give clear distinctions. For instance, Sanguine people are said to be extroverted, compassionate, sensitive, tardy, forgetful, thoughtful and sarcastic. However, there is no evidence to show that all these characteristics go together. For instance, one person can be creative yet not extroverted. But does this mean that such a person’s personality cannot be determined? The use of words to describe a personality is now the new order. This is known as lexical approach.

Distinctive Personality Features

Words can be used to describe different types of personality or even one’s appearance. This is by focusing on describing the distinctive features. The main reason behind focusing on the distinctive features is that our minds tend to focus and remember these outstanding features more than any other feature. Personality types will thus be coined from such distinctive features.

Just as you can use words to describe physical attributes, it is possible to clearly define different types of personality using words. Words such as ‘very nice and considerate but rather quiet’ can be used to describe a personality. Most of the words used to differentiate personality types are the extremes and not averages. These extremes can be arranged in pairs of opposites examples being dominant vs. submissive, outgoing vs. shy, impulsive vs. cautious among others.

The sets of words (commonly the big five, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism) describe different types of personality and on keen observation you can be able to tell one’s personality. Personality types fall under these five headings and this makes it easy for psychologists to understand the different types of personality.

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